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Dine at the best authentic ambiance to try out the finest cuisines from the kitchens of the locals. We bring you a range of seafood recipes that satisfy your stomach for days. Make your reservations by connecting with us online.

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The fresh breakfast menu starts at 8:00 am for a healthy and happy morning.


Eat the best-cooked seafood sizzlers and starters for your lunch and lead an energized day.


Explore the best authentic recipes from our chefs and spend a quality evening at our fine dining.



Our restaurant started as a family business that introduced the most traditional recipes to tourists. Soon, we accommodation a list of recipes from our local households to create a themed dining restaurant where both locals and tourists can spend quality time dining.


"They have the best variety of seafood and are always available to serve anything you want from the menu. "
Jennie C Simms
"What a classic collection of mouthwatering recipes that I could not stop trying out during my vacation. "
Gregory M Spann

Why choose us?

We bring you the authentic style Athenian recipes prepared by our home chefs for a traditional serving. Our secret grilling recipes make the best seafood menu you can find in the city.

Eat, drink, enjoy!

Daily Specials

Broiled Alaskan King Salmon Filet 

Penn Cove Mussels and Clams Appetizer

Fresh Dungeness Crab Fettuccini 

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