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Bizarre Yet The Best Bars In The World!

Bizarre Yet The Best Bars In The World!

As people start exploring the world, they tend to look for something unusual or different, whether be it a place to travel to or a restaurant to visit, or a bar to chill!
The bar is one of the favorite places of most people. But, of course, they serve different purposes to different people where it is a place of entertainment or a place to chill with friends or spend their me-time! But what unites them is the drinks and the food.

Bizarre Yet The Best Bars In The World!

Bars with an unusual or strange theme attract their customers quickly. Isn’t it?
Let’s look at some of the bizarre yet the best bars in the world; make a note of the names that look different to you and crash into them when you are near it or feel like it!

1. Hobbit House, Philippines- The dwarf house:

Have you heard of Lord of the Rings? The Hobbit House is themed on this trilogy with the best staff, and the exciting thing is that the bartenders and workers are dwarves!
The dwarves were rescued from the streets and slums in Manila by an ex-Peace Corps volunteer and were given genuine jobs and a new identity.
Sip your drink and enjoy the ambiance created by hobbit dancers, jugglers, flame-eaters, singers, comics, and the smallest Elvis impersonator in the world!


2. Bojangles of Australia- The scary bar!

Doesn’t it sound unusual to see a coffin in a bar? Bizarre, right?
Wait, there are more weird things that happen in this bar.
Bojangles, a bar situated in a town called Alice Springs in Australia, is famous and usually attracted by travelers.
Get yourself a drink and wonder about who the boots’ owner is hanging on the ceilings and why snakes are in the tank?
A surprise awaits in the bathroom; when you turn on a tap in a sink, the water flows in a different sink!

Bizarre Yet The Best Bars In The World!

3. The Cool- Icebar Stockholm!

A cold bar with cold drinks sounds a little quirky but exciting. Right?
Boasting it with being the first permanent ice bar globally, ICEBAR Stockholm is the place that serves the best hot food and cool ice drinks!
Grab a thermo-cape and a pair of gloves while you and your family or friends are served with a five-course meal popularly known as ‘Ice Menu.’
Another exciting part of the bar is that it allows the visitors to become ice sculptors; by providing them the ice blocks!

4. DiveBar: The World of Mermaids!

DiveBar in Sacramento is one of a kind that creates magic with its unique theme. So enjoy your drink while you look at the mermaid shows organized in their 40-foot saltwater aquarium on unique themes every night!
The themes depend on the events that the visitors choose, and the mermaids are hired too!

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