Beer Brands

The Most Popular Beer Brands

The Most Popular Beer Brands

The popularity of beer can be substantially understood when you look into certain brands that have managed to climb the top of the ladder. With sales figures increasing, these brands have come a long way to be placed as one of the best in the market. The different products that they have managed to bring in have all been essential ones that take things further down the aspect of success. So to understand the same in a specific manner, here are the most popular beer brands in the world.

The Most Popular Beer Brands


Snow has been holding the position for a long time as its products were known to be purchased more than ever. As a result, the brand stands to be a leading name in the business. Be it in terms of volume or any other figure; Snow is a famous brand that creates the mark in terms of quality and many other aspects. Due to that, a look into the international brands will help you come across Snow.


Popularly known as the “King of Beers,” Budweiser has brought a number of products into the market with different kinds of benefits. Since they are also known worldwide, people have been consuming the beer for a long time. Reports which emerged in 2018 tend to indicate that around 49.2 million hectoliters of Budweiser have been sold.

The Most Popular Beer Brands

Bud Light

Apart from being top in America, Bud Light has also managed to be a considerable name all around the world. With sale estimates amounting to 44.8 million hectoliters, the brand is another name that is widely popular among beer lovers. Their products are known more than ever and are also gaining new markets.


If you’re aware of the brands mentioned above, then there is a high chance that you’re also familiar with Skol. As their estimates are relatively close to the ones on top, Skol is a credible brand that offers beer lovers with what they need. Produced primarily in Brazil, the brand remained at the top for an extended period.

The Most Popular Beer Brands


Soon after purchasing British cult brewer Beavertown, the brand Heineken has been successful in countering challenges and coming to the forefront of everything. The different deals and accomplishments that they have managed to seal made matters click for them in the market, and everyone seems to be in love with what they provide.


While the list for popularity keeps going on and is also continually changing, these names have been the same for a long period. Due to that, one can trust these names to reign supreme and also make certain advancements in the near future. Hence, that sums our list of the most popular beer brands in the market.

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