Underwater Restaurants

Underwater Restaurants: The Surreal World

Underwater Restaurants: The Surreal World

The Restaurant business and industry have always come up with unique ideas to attract customers and build their business. Cafes, rooftop restaurants, Bistro, fast food restaurants, traditional or ethnic restaurants, Casual Dining, Fine dining, Family-style restaurants, and what not!
Underwater restaurants are one of a kind that creates a surreal world for its customers to dine under the ocean where they can enjoy good food while they admire the marine life, which is indeed a fantastic thing to experience at least once!

Underwater Restaurants: The Surreal World

Let us make a list of the best underwater restaurants globally, and don’t forget to add your favorite ones to your wishlist!

1. Subsix, Maldives- Cheap yet luxurious dinner!

The theme of the ‘Subsix’ is too good to look as it resembles the seashell life with its blue ocean lighting, and the bar is in the shape of shells!
Being the first underwater nightclub in the Maldives, this restaurant is the most visited because of its authentic dinner and the excitement of reaching the restaurant!

2. Nathan Outlaw, Al Mahara, Dubai:

The major attraction of this underwater restaurant is aquariums from floor to ceiling, with more than thirty unique fish species installed in all the dining areas!
The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly but serves the best seafood. Enjoy your dinner while you admire the theme of Gold shell seating arrangements, fish scale theme on the walls, and of course, the incredible aquarium!

3. L’Oceanografic Submarini- The Magic of Mediterrenian cuisine!

How would a dinner look like while ten thousand fishes around you surround you? Amazing, right?
This submarine restaurant located in Valencia serves the best Mediterranian foods and is also known for its Spanish intricacy. Pick your favorite wine from the wine table while you appreciate the theme of jellyfish lighting and blue beauty- the ocean’s interior designs!

4. The Marine Room- The Pacific enchantment!

The Marine Room of California serves the most delicious seafood, and you’re lucky if you visit the restaurant on Monday nights as it serves a special lobster menu!
It gives an outstanding experience to its customers who can watch the Pacific Ocean waves crashing against their windows!
It sounds interesting to know that the restaurant conducts a cooking class every month!

5. Ithaa Undersea restaurant of Maldives!

The Maldives is known for islands and thus underwater restaurants!
Being the first underwater restaurant in the Maldives, Ithaa is situated in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.
Enjoy the menu of Maldivian cuisine with the touch of the western world and colorful coral gardens covering you while the restaurant is engulfed five meters below the Indian Ocean!
The restaurant belongs to a resort that is home to a luxury residence with the best rooms, dining, and entertaining places, namely, the Muraka Residence.

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